How come feminine wild wild birds mate with over one male?

How come feminine wild wild birds mate with over one male?

Perhaps for security, in accordance with one study. The possibility fathers works together to quit predators from attacking their young. Ths challenges established

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“In numerous types, like the blue tit, females usually mate with numerous men. We’ve known this considering that the 1990s. Issue has been why. For the time that is long had been thought it absolutely was to make sure that the offspring got the ‘best’ genes. But our studies suggest so it might have to do with totally various reasons,” says Adele Mennerat.

Mennerat is just a research that is post-doctoral when you look at the Department of Biology in the University of Bergen. She additionally shows in the Centre for Women’s and Gender analysis.

Blue breasts pair down in the wintertime. While just females develop nests, they share the task that is feeding the men if the young are created. If the chicks are given a DNA test, it’s going to often show they have as much as 3 or 4 fathers that are different. With regard to ease, let’s call these chicks that aren’t the offspring of this male feeding them, “extra-pair chicks”.

“The primary theory happens to be that the dads regarding the ‘extra-pair chicks’ had specially good genes and that this is why the feminine had mated using them. More